The tulip excursion

If you choose to visit our nursery, we welcome you in one of our warehouses which is rebuild to an atmospheric room with seats for everybody. Here we give a professional presentation through which we inform you about the growing process of the tulip, from bulb to flower. This presentation will take around 15 minutes. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and/or tea, eventually combined with fresh pie or a lunch.

After this warm welcome and presentation we will start the guided tour through our nursery. We walk around in the green houses where employees are picking the tulips. Our green houses have a capacity over 1 million tulips per cycle of three weeks. You will see the tulips in different stadia of growth, varying from just above the soil until tulips in bloom. We inform you about the different installations and we will have a look at the ultra modern tulip-bunching-robot. This machine makes bunches of 10 tulips by using X-ray technology. The newest invention in tulipproduction. You can also have a look in thecold stores where the bulbs get their temperature treatment which they need to get the tulips in bloom in right time. Our greenery is qualified according to MPS requirements (Sustainable Quality in Horticulture) and has the A qualification. During the guided tour you will also be informed about the environmental meassurements in our company.

As a result of the blooming season the excursions are possible from the end of December until the start of May, the last weeks of the season there are no tulips left in the green houses. In this time we will make a guided tour in the green houses and along the installations, but we will see the flowers outside in the fields.

Naturally we plan enough time to answer all your questions and there will be time to buy tulips and nice gadgets (apart from the end of the season, when there are no tulips left in the green houses).