Agricultural excursions

Mushroom greenery Koolenkoolen
Koolen Champignons has been a supplier of a broad assortment of fresh mushrooms and mushroom products for many years.  The ‘normal’ mushrooms are grown by us, the more exclusive mushrooms usually come directly from nature. Quality is from the beginning our first priority. We therefore do our utmost to get you, a so fresh, tasteful and beautiful product as possible on your table. Curious to how mushrooms grow, are harvested and eventually end up properly wrapped in your shopping cart? Then check us out soon. You are welcome! More information: .
Price € 8,- per persoon

Biesheuvel knoflookSchermafbeelding 2012-12-20 om 09.21.05

Biesheuvel Garlic is a family business in Hollands Kroon. We specialize in the production, storage and processing of fresh Garlic. Our company is Global Cap and HACCP certified. Which means that we are environmentally conscious.  The benefits of fresh garlic is that it has a fresher and softer flavor than dried garlic.  Through the mild flavor, the garlic gives little or no smell of the breath.  Another great advantage is that these bulbs can be used totally, both the white bulb and the green stalk are useable.  Currently we are working on developing Garlic pesto and Garlic mayonnaise.  We look forward to leading you and your group around our company. More information: .
Price € 8,- per person

Living from wind energyleven van de wind
If you talk about Dutch culture, I can tell you that the Dutch always look at their neighbours and say: ‘what do they pay everything from?’. At the de Graaf family, they pay things from the wind. They run a traditional agricultural company with potatoes, grain and sugar beets. But next to producers of food, they are producers of energy. They own a 0,9 megawatt wind mill which produces energy for the daily need of energy of almost 600 families.How does the mill function? Why does a Dutch farmer choose to be energy producer? During a guided tour through the company you will experience how beautiful, modern and at the same time traditional the agricultural entrepreneurship is since decades.
Price € 6,50 per person

Dairy farm Velzeboervelzeboer
You want to visait a modern dairy farm? At family Velzeboer you will be welcomed for a guided tour through the company. There are three stables in which the farmers wife explains about working and living on a dairy farm. You see the modern stable, build acording to the latest rules. If you come at the end of the afternoon, you can see how the cows are being milked in a gigantic milking carroussel which hosts 50 cows at a time. More information: .
Price € 9,50 incl. coffee/tea with cookies

Farming care group home Dijkgatshoevedijkgatshoeve
Dijkgatshoeve is a care facility located in a farm environment. This facility enables care for people with intellectual disabilities and/or people who are in need of psychosocial support. Our residents are active in all areas of the farm, including a cow stable, a cheese and cottage cheese production facility, a green garden, forestry and a store. Our vegetable- and dairy products are all biologically produced and our living and working areas are powered CO2 neutral. All of the products offered in the store are produced on location by the residents. You are more than welcome to come visit us to take a tour of our facility. More information: .
Price: € 2,50 per person

Cormeijhoeve care farmlucy van de cormeij hoeve juli 2012
Meet all the farm animals, cows and their milking-robot, the calves, the herd of horses, goats, sheep and rabbits. Freely all around you, you’ll see various colors chickens, turkeys, ducks, and peacocks with their families. Meet our beautiful, friendly animals in their own environment. And take the cutest pictures! The animals are partly cared for by children with special needs, like ADHD and autism. At our certified care farm the children can help and enjoy taking care of the animals at their own pace, and use the abundance of space to play. Farming means living from and with the animals in their surroundings, this is clearly visible at our varied farm.
Price € 6,- per person

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